Electronic resources


For legal reasons, databases licensed by the University Library generally are accessible from the university data network. Many of them, however, are available from without after authentification.

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Via the Database Information System (DBIS) the University Library offers access to a multitude of databases covering all subject areas. DBIS is a cooperative service of scientific libraries for the use of databases.

Databases may be selected from an overview of subjects or from an alphabetical list.
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All databases of the University Library are catalogued on and accessible from OPACplus.


Electronic Journals Library (EZB)

The Electronic Journals Library (EZB) is a cooperative project for the provision of a structured and uniform access to scientific full-text journals on the internet. Titles are being cooperatively collected and catalogued. They are presented on the DBIS catalogue according to their availability from the individual participating library.

Journals may be listed according to subject areas or alphabetically. It is possible to search for individual titles or retrieve specific information on them.

The availability of individual full-text articles is symbolized by a "traffic light" system.

E-journals licensed for the University Library are listed on and accessible from OPACplus.


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The University Library of Erlangen-Nürnberg offers a wide range of e-books the majority of which are parallel editions of printed books.

All e-books are listed on OPACplus. For specific search select Electronic resource from the the down drop list in the field Publication type.

In DBIS you will find a collection of e-books which contains the so-called "title-packages" provided by individual publishers.

National licenses for electronic resources

Since 2004, the DFG has funded national licenses to guarantee long-term immediate access to electronic scientific information for scientists and academics.

Journals are listed in the EZB, databases in DBIS.

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OPUS FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg is the archiving server for the electronic submission of documents. Documents are freely accessible.

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